Eat Right for Two

Pregnancy Nutrition program:  This program is designed for those who want to eat well before, during and after pregnancy. For prenatal women this program will aid in ensuring the body is nutritionally prepared for pregnancy. Looking at eating patterns and any wanted weight changes will allow for a healthier pregnancy. It’s important to develop a healthy eating pattern before conceiving so it can be sustained for the nine months ahead. Client-centered goals and plan of action will be created. During pregnancy nutrition is just as important. Clients will benefit from discussions around how to eat during pregnancy, how to decrease risk of morning sickness, food safety issues, how to feed baby after pregnancy, and maximizing their energy levels through proper nutrition. Special nutritional needs can be address such as blood glucose control or proper weight gain through pregnancy to ensure for a healthy pregnancy.

After pregnancy nutrition is even more important, especially if breastfeeding. Discussions around healthy eating during breastfeeding and understanding feeding recommendation for the first year of babies life.